Our Most Profound
Meditation Course

Upcoming Dates: TBD

What is zivaLIVE?

zivaLIVE is our in-person course in the Ziva Technique. Learn face-to-face with Emily, get a personalized mantra (with way more power) and connect with Ziva meditators from around the globe.

Receive your personalized mantra

Meet with Emily to receive a much more powerful, personalized mantra and take your practice up to 20 minutes, 2x a day.

Explore ancient philosophy

At zivaLIVE, Emily opens the vault of ancient teachings and concepts from the Vedas. Get ready for your mind to be blown.

Deepen your meditation practice

zivaLIVE grads say they’re new mantra makes their practice and its benefits 50% more powerful.

“I honestly didn’t think life could be this good. I’m 10x better at work, I’m 10x better at home. If you’re even considering zivaLIVE, get off your couch and sign up.”

Daniella Rabbani


Taking zivaLIVE was a life-changing experience. I learned that my happiness does not lie on the other side of a paycheck or a person. It’s like I was given a lifetime of knowledge in a few days.

Lindsay Clayton

Fitness Expert, Bravo’s “Work Out New York”

I slept through the night for the first time in 20 years after taking the Ziva course.

Hee Sun-woo

CEO, Hire Records

zivaLIVE changed everything. It has given me the clarity and confidence to make big strides in my career and positively transform relationships with my family, friends, and money.

Amber Shirley

Life Coach

zivaLIVE has been one of, if not the, most beneficial investments I have ever made. For anyone looking for a way to better themselves from the inside out, this is the best first step!

Cameron Rogers

Health & Wellness Content Creator

You loved zivaONLINE… so why try zivaLIVE?

In zivaLIVE, you’ll learn a deeper, more profound practice that builds on your zivaONLINE training. Steeped in ancient tradition, it can only be taught face-to-face.

The first thing you’ll get is a personalized mantra on Day 1.
The more powerful the mantra, the more stress clearing you get with each meditation.
You’ll quickly see a radical shift in the intensity of the practice — and its benefits!

zivaONLINE grads who go on to take zivaLIVE say that their practice gets about 50% more powerful. 

zivaLIVE this year will be hosted in Midtown where you’ll witness a 6,000 year old gratitude ceremony and connect with Ziva meditators from around the globe. We’ve had students fly in from Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

At zivaLIVE, you’ll deepen your practice, experience the power of group meditation and connect with people like you who are on a mission to leave this world better than we found it.

What to Expect:

Day 1

Experience an ancient gratitude ceremony and receive your personalized mantra. Share your meditation successes and challenges so you can get personal support. We will also refresh the most important concepts from zivaONLINE. Welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life.

Day 2

Discover more about your new, deeper practice. Emily dives deep into concepts from the Vedas and how they’ll uplevel the way you move through the world.

Day 3

Graduation day! Get a preview of coming attractions AKA what life looks like with a better brain. What to say when people ask you what style of meditation you practice and the importance of 2x a day. We’ll also take a rad group photo with all your new friends from all over the world.

Register for zivaLIVE

Take your Ziva Meditation practice to the next level.

Upcoming Dates: TBA

Register for zivaLIVE: June 10-12

Take your Ziva Meditation practice to the next level.

4 payments of


Or 1 payment of $999

COVID Protocols: Each participant will be required to submit proof of COVID vaccination
and will need to wear masks in hallways in common areas per the building’s request.
Inside of the designated space for zivaLIVE, no masks are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?

The zivaLIVE Experience

Come together with people from all over the world and witness a gratitude ceremony that’s been performed for over 6,000 years. Receive your personalized mantra and take your practice up to 20 min, 2x a day.

Access to Coaching Calls

With zivaLIVE, you also get lifetime access to all monthly coaching calls with Emily to ask your questions, connect with other Ziva Meditators and share about your practice.

Continuing Education

You’ll get several months of advanced teachings delivered straight to your inbox to help streamline your transition into your deeper practice.

What zivaLIVE Grads Are Saying

zivaLIVE is unequivocally one of the best investments you can make in yourself. I have a greater sense of equanimity, relaxation and clarity.

Creator of Global Citizen

My goal entering zivaLIVE was to increase creativity and productivity. Just a few months into my practice I got that and so much more. I’m now meeting all my daily goals and more.

Correspondent for ABC News

I am growing two businesses since starting Ziva. I’m a lot smarter and more capable than I give myself credit for. It took Ziva to remember that.

Sophia Parra
CEO of Coach Social

Ziva has transformed me. I am healthier, happier, and have more energy than ever. It’s the most gratifying thing ever.


If you’re on the fence about zivaLIVE, allow me to gently nudge you over it. My physical health and emotional state have improved 1000%.


Covid Safety Protocols

Ziva, Inc is complying with The Balance Arts Center’s (Venue) COVID-19 protocols and policies to enhance health and safety measures for you, other attendees and staff. Participants entering the Balance Arts Center must have at lease one dose of a FDA or WHO approved vaccine. A sufficient form of ID will be required when providing proof of vaccination. Face coverings must be worn in hallways and common areas. No exceptions. Inside of the designated space for zivaLIVE, no masks are required.

By registering for this event you understand, agree and hereby consent that any failure or disregard to follow protocols in effect during my attendance is sufficient grounds to be excluded from attending the event.

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