Create a life & world you love.

Get the Manifest Your Dreams audio to move beyond your limiting beliefs and step into your wildest dreams.


You don't get what you want in life...

you get what you believe you deserve.

What you put your attention on grows.

What you think, feel and believe all contribute to your current reality. Manifesting is simply consciously creating a life you love.

In the Manifest Your Dreams audio exercise, you will:

  • learn how limiting beliefs sneak into your psyche
  • imagine what you DO want
  • clear your biggest limiting beliefs.

It's time to start watering the flowers, not the weeds.

What you'll get:

The Manifest Your Dreams Audio

Understand how to spend your energy on cultivating your dreams, instead of feeding your fears. You'll also get a beautiful graphic to post or save to keep you inspired.

Step Into Your Wildest Dreams

Co-create your dream world with Nature. Gain manifesting confidence whether you already have a Ziva Meditation practice or not.

Manifesting is the only time in my life that lets me honor and focus on what it is I want to achieve. When else would you sit down and seriously consider what you want? It’s been so incredibly valuable for me.

Debra Jones, SVP, Business Development

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