Manifest Your Dreams Worksheet

A writing exercise to make a map to your future.


Write Your Dreams Into Reality

How to use:

This month, we are training our minds to stop manifearing and start manifesting. Filling out this worksheet is step 1 to making your mind a map to your future instead of a record of your past.

Find a few moments to yourself, get a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), light a candle and begin. There’s no right or wrong answers.

Then join us for the rest of Manifesting Month by tuning into our Global Meditations every Tues at 6p ET in the Ziva Community and Instagram Live.

I’ve been manifesting the way I want to feel in my acting career. Within 6 weeks, I booked a HUGE guest starring role on Will & Grace (something I thought was too good to be possible). This is just one of several things to come to fruition on the career front using manifesting.

Peter Graham, Actor, Will & Grace
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