Ziva’s Self Care Center

Tools to help you transition from worrier to warrior
— all in one place.


The world is stressed. We're here to help.

What's inside the Self Care Center?

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10+ Lessons and Meditations

Dive into lectures and guided exercises from our weekly global meditation series.

Learn from Emily about tough love, surrender, resilience and more.

4 Guided Visualizations

Download or stream audios for emotional clearing, physical healing, boosting immunity and processing forgiveness.

Convos with Guest Experts

We called in the big guns. Six of them to be exact.

Listen in as Emily interviews experts on relationships, creativity and supercharging your learning powers.

Bodywork and Movement

Get exercises for stress relief based in yoga, Ayurveda and tapping.

Resources for Kids and Parents

Get a guided mindfulness exercise for little ones and more expert insights to do less and enjoy more with your family.

Ways to Continue Learning

We curated a list of steps you can take to begin or deepen your meditation journey.

Take a peek inside...

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