Here’s what some of our 25,000+ students have to say

Yes, we’re blushing.

My alcoholism melted away without even trying over a year of Ziva Meditation. I decided to leave an unhappy marriage and I continue to do self work.

Tovah Lynn
Dog Trainer

Taking Emily’s course was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. This practice gives me energy, happiness, and confidence for the day. It truly is beyond worth it.

Laura Chitu
Pre-Law Student

Ziva meditation helps me feel better. I feel calmer and more in tune with my feelings, goals and purpose.

Alexandra Micheletti
Mortgage Advisor

Since Ziva, I’ve found a peace of mind and spirit that I’ve never quite felt before. It allowed me to be free again, like the little girl I once was, living through and with joy.

Dylis Croman
Roxie in "Chicago" on Broadway

Meditation or medication. The choice is yours. If you have trouble deciding, head to Ziva to get clarity. It changed my life. I can’t even relate to pre-meditation me.

Ashok Thakur
President & CEO

Ziva is simple and easy to get into and, if done consistently, produces amazing results. I am much more in touch with myself and I consciously react more of the time.

Mary M.
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