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Yes, we’re blushing.

Ziva Meditation has helped me reduce stress, control anxiety issues, eliminate migraines, TMJ pain and neck tension, and sleep better.

Jennifer Drago
Mom & Blogger

I’ve noticed improvements in my stomach, a significant reduction in anxiety, more confidence, greater patience, empathy and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Ryan Healey
Digital Strategist

I don’t get stomach aches and don’t grind my teeth anymore. I’m calmer and feel more compassion than anger. My memory has improved. My mind is sharper and I process things faster.

Adriana R.

I wish I knew about Ziva much earlier in my life. I found the course inspirational and full of knowledge. So far, my practice has reduced my pain dramatically. I love it.

David Mizrahi
HR Consultant

I did zivaONLINE and within a month I became pregnant and booked the lead role in an indie film. I didn’t expect the universe to answer so promptly and enthusiastically.

Brooke F.

Ziva has changed my life! Meditation not only helped me with my migraines, but also my marriage and well-being. I one million percent recommend Ziva to anyone and everyone!

Christina Jolie Breza

I had a terrible cold and after meditating, I’m completely healed. I’m amazed by how quickly this worked. If meditating healed this cold, can you imagine what else it can do?

Jovan Ortiz Salazar

Ziva changed my life. I have less migraines and my relationship with my son is now close and beautiful. It really changes you, and, when you change, so do people around you.

Christelle Hamon
Sales Admin

I wouldn’t have surrendered to the possibility of pregnancy if it wasn’t for meditation.

Jennifer Rau
Full Time Mom

My life has changed in exactly the ways Emily said it might. I am medication free for the first time in 10 years and I fall asleep without any kind of sleep aid.

Dylan B.

I have gone through surgeries, chemo, and radiation, and I can tell you first hand that Ziva is the main reason my body recovered so quickly.

Cathi Peterson
Executive in Financial Tech

Ziva changed my body and life. My doctor asked, ‘”What have you changed in your life? I rarely see such a dramatic change.” I said, “I’ve been meditating every day for two years.”

Hannah Maroney
Sales and Marketing Manager
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