Here’s what some of our 25,000+ students have to say

Yes, we’re blushing.

Ziva is one of the single greatest tools that I have found to heal, center myself and preserve my sanity in these intense, stressful times.

Amy O.
Respiratory Therapist

Since Ziva, I’ve been sleeping better, exercising more, and feeling less stressed out. I wake up feeling rested and am calmer about the unexpected. Life feels easier!

Noel C.

I’m so much calmer and happier! People are falling in love with me! I have much less anxiety and I am sleeping very well – out like a light.

Hillary Staats
Interior Designer

I was holding my anxiety in my mid-waist area. Ziva meditation cleared out the toxins and stress! I went down three belt notches in two weeks!

Nicole Axelrod

The biggest benefit I’ve had is a reduction in anxiety. I was having anxiety attacks every day and after one day of Ziva, my resting HR is almost back down to my usual resting HR.

Molly M.

Ziva works, it lowered our stress levels and blood pressure! My friend and I are medical workers, so our stress levels were very high due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Juqing Liang
Registered Nurse
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