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Yes, we’re blushing.

I believe in zivaONLINE’s value so much that I gave it to three friends. It’s the only technique I could ever stick with. It’s the greatest gift.

Liza Kirby
College Professor

Coming from the book I wondered if there would be enough in zivaONLINE. There was SO much and it was so worth it. I’m so content right now, this has been a great learning opportunity.

Ross G.
Head of Support, Design Agency

zivaONLINE is one of the best investments I’ve made. I’m so glad I signed up and I’m truly grateful for this course! It will be worth it!

Adrian M.

Dr. Hyman’s advice has never paid off more than by signing up for Ziva. I loved zivaONLINE and am seeing powerful changes happen in my life. It’s the real deal and I’m so grateful.

Amy H.

I was worried about whether upgrading from the book to zivaONLINE would be worth it. Safe to already say I’m getting much deeper and it’s well worth it.

Emma B.
Business Manager

When time is the most valuable commodity we have, you better give me a BIG return on investment. That’s exactly what Ziva does. Without fail, I get back double of anything I put in.

Sarah Yourgrau
Host & On-Camera Producer
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