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Have you noticed that the things that bring us closer to our own divinity
get banned, shamed, and hidden away?

We find out in “Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?”

Tune in each week to hear Emily in conversation with experts, scientists doctors, and high priestesses to fling the doors open to the most potent, the most mysterious and even the most taboo medicines on the planet.

Each of these guests have had their own “Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?” moment, and they’re here to shed an unprecedented light on healing modalities of all kinds – spiritual, physical, emotional, you name it. Topics from BDSM to breathwork… nothing is off limits. 

Why? Because every single one of us deserves the bliss that is our birthright. By reclaiming these tools as the divine, spine-tingling, nourishing medicines they are, you can become your highest, most aligned self. 


We asked many of our guests, “If you could install 1 code into the species what would it be?” The playlist below is their answer to that question. Please enjoy these mini masterclasses as our gift to you. (Click the menu button on the top right to access all of the masterclasses and then share with a friend)

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zivaLIVE is our most advanced training in the Ziva Technique. Graduates of zivaONLINE are invited to join Emily for this course.

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March 13

We believe bliss is your birthright. This is your chance to claim it.

Sacred Secret Retreat in Costa Rica: Apr 24-28

Pour rocket fuel on your dreams in one of the most stunning places on Earth.


Broadway performer, turned meditation teacher, turned alchemical healer

Emily is the founder of Ziva and the host of the spine-tingling new podcast, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

She is an international speaker whose superpower is making esoteric tools accessible to a mainstream audience, teaching over 50,000 people meditation and manifesting. Her best-selling book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon and has been translated into 12 languages. Her work has been featured by The New York Times, Good Morning America and Vogue. She’s taught at Apple, Google and Harvard Business School. 

A formerly stressed Broadway performer going gray at 27, Emily was desperate for a solution when she found meditation — which immediately cured her insomnia and anxiety. Her transformation was so dramatic that she quit acting, went to India, and studied the ancient tools Ziva students swear by today.

Over the past three years she has dedicated herself to developing innovative embodiment practices that empower individuals to transmute stress into boundless joy.

I’ve tried to adopt a daily meditation for practice for years, but it was Emily’s transmission that finally got me to stick with it. After I was initiated by Emily, I finally developed my own Ziva practice. That was almost a year ago and now I meditate every day.

Layla Martin

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Expert

Emily has done the work of healing herself and now holds the healing codes for the whole planet. I’ve almost never seen someone as embodied as she is. Her level of mastery in both meditation and sacred sexuality is helping bring powerful medicine the world needs right now.

Aubrey Marcus

NYT Bestselling Author, Host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Since working with Emily, I am better equipped to handle things that would’ve had me spiraling into stress in the past. Now, I’m more grounded and am in such a state of flow. My old perfectionism is falling away and making space for the real me to shine. She is spiritual balm for my soul.

Vylana Marcus

Artist, Sound Alchemist, Medicine Woman

Emily is a deep scholar of meditation. She makes learning it incredibly playful, fun, and entertaining. Ziva is anything but boring, and it very well may change your life.

Andrew Huberman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University, Host of Huberman Lab Podcast


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