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Featured Testimonials

Stacy Antonelli

After experiencing the benefits, my thought now is that you can’t afford NOT to do Ziva.    

Sara Novakov

I got my period back after starting with Ziva with no pills at all.    

Jenna Dewan

I used to think, “I can’t quiet my mind, how can I meditate?” After Ziva I know that even if I have thoughts, it’s still …

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Cheryl Burke

15 days of zivaONLINE is like 15 years of therapy. I have never believed in something so much.

JJ Virgin

Emily Fletcher is a rockstar meditation teacher who’s taken all the woo-woo out of it. And she’s getting me take on meditation practice (yes, for …

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Glenn Kallison

Ziva gave me clarity, rejuvenated energy, laser-beam focus, and stronger listening skills. Everyone should do this – it just makes you better!

Meg Wolf

After Ziva I am more myself and less my baggage. You owe it to yourself, to the people you love, and to the random people …

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Anthony Meindl

Emily’s practice of meditation has greatly contributed to her strength and presence as a teacher that students really respond to. Ziva helps them live more …

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Frank Tran

Since Ziva, people have said that I look five years younger. My decision making has become much clearer, I’m sleeping better, and I’m drinking less …

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Erika Oppenheimer

Since beginning Ziva I’ve experienced the power of surrender and the importance of adaptability. Ziva elevates my ability to live the concepts I teach.

Sarah Baskin

Ziva Meditation lead me to effortlessly become the better, more expanded version of myself. If you have even an ounce of curiosity about it, give …

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Sarah Jorge

Since learning Ziva I have developed a much closer relationship with myself. I’m no longer dependent on outside events for my own peace. Ziva is …

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