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Ryan Weiss

Ziva is the most effective form of meditation I’ve practiced. It’s simple and achievable and I know it’s improving my life.

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Vicki Rox

Ziva is like a bubble bath for your brain. Emily is taking the meditation world by storm with her non-woo-woo, totally relatable approach that folks

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Gio Benitez

My goal entering Ziva was to increase creativity and productivity. Just a few months into my practice I got that and so much more. I’m

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Alex Ellis

Ziva Meditation is nature’s Xanax. The chatter in my brain is much quieter and my dreams have been very vivid! Truly feel like it’s the

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Lon Fiala

One of the principal benefits of Ziva Meditation has been that I don’t wallow when there’s a disappointment in my life, I just bounce. I’ve

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Frank Orlowski

Emily’s highly effective way of teaching opened the door to the world of meditation. My professional and personal lives have benefited exponentially from Ziva.

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