Better at Life


Just finished Day 5 of my Ziva training and the first thought I had was, “That felt like I just had a massage on my …

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Monika Laame

I became more positive and managed a more creative attitude. It’s difficult exactly to describe all the changes Ziva made for me, but in a …

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Tovah Lynn

My alcoholism melted away without even trying over a year of Ziva Meditation. I decided to leave an unhappy marriage and I continue to do …

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Jenna Dewan

I used to think, “I can’t quiet my mind, how can I meditate?” After Ziva I know that even if I have thoughts, it’s still …

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Meg Wolf

After Ziva I am more myself and less my baggage. You owe it to yourself, to the people you love, and to the random people …

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Glenn Kallison

Ziva gave me clarity, rejuvenated energy, laser-beam focus, and stronger listening skills. Everyone should do this – it just makes you better!

Sarah Baskin

Ziva Meditation lead me to effortlessly become the better, more expanded version of myself. If you have even an ounce of curiosity about it, give …

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Dashiell Alison

I feel the effects of Ziva Meditation every day, in profound transformations in my life.

Eileen Rooney

Ziva helped me discover the best version of myself. I just started nursing school a few weeks ago and I have never been happier.

David Kornell

Ziva has been a life-changer. It has affected the way I approach my relationships, daily activities, mood, energy and perception of the world around me.

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