10 Ways for Dads to Bond with Their Kids

10 ways for dads to bond with their kids
Feb 2021

We’re all spending more time at home these days — dads included — which gives us the unique opportunity to connect more with our children. Running out of ideas for activities to do with your little ones? Here are some of our favorite ways for dads to bond with their kids:

  1. Make a blanket fort.
  2. Read your child a book of their choosing at bedtime.
  3. Play hide and seek.
  4. Let them choose dinner and allow them to help cook it.
  5. Make up a silly song together.
  6. Watch a movie and talk about your favorite parts after. Ask your kids what kinds of emotions came up while they watched. Share with them some of your own emotions.
  7. Have a one-song dance party
  8. Go for a long walk and show them some of your favorite places to visit in town.
  9. Stay up past bedtime together and share stories about your day.
  10.  Have a pajama party and eat tasty treats.
  11.  BONUS: Watch zivaKIDS together! (Coming soon)

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