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What if God is a Disco Ball?

Question for you: what do you think God has in common with a disco ball? At Ziva, we think quite a lot.

If you feel a bit triggered by the G-word, stay with us. We know it can bring up some feelings depending on your relationship with religion. That’s why at Ziva we use the word Nature, and we define that as the collective consciousness of all that is.

And that means everything: you and your mom and your dog and all living things are a part of this collective consciousness.

Now imagine you’re looking at a disco ball. You may see red, and your friend may see blue and your dad may see purple — but you’re all actually looking at the same thing.

According to the Vedas, there’s only one thing and we’re all it.

According to the Vedas, there’s only one thing and we’re all it. So as many facets as there are humans, that’s as many different facets as there are faces of God.

In the video below, Emily explores this concept in greater depth and shares an idea for how to bring yourself closer to your owndivinity.

Watch God is a Disco Ball

A beautiful way to start experiencing the unity of individuality and totality, and to find your own divinity is by committing to a meditation practice.

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