The Science Behind Meditation

Something we hear a lot from folks is “Sure, I get stressed but so does everybody!”

But what if we told you that you’ve been running a triathlon with a weighted vest on without even realizing it? How would it feel if you could just take the dang vest off?

The truth is, most of us don’t even realize the weight that stress has on us. And when we get so used to life as it is now, it can be hard to imagine it any other way.

And yet the stress we store in our body is making our:

  • Sleep less efficient
  • Immune system weaker
  • Sex less enjoyable
  • Body age faster and
  • Productivity so much worse

So in this video, Emily shares some quick science behind how meditation heals your whole body, and proves it’s way more than a pedicure for your brain.

In fact, it’s the single most important piece of mental hygiene for managing and thriving in stressful situations. Pretty amazing, huh?

Watch below to learn more.

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