A Guided Visualization to Connect with your Guides

When is the last time you asked for help?

As a human on Planet Earth right now, you may have moments of wanting a bit of support.

If you’re feeling sad, scared or overwhelmed…

If you’re feeling like all you want to do is numb this pain…

That makes perfect sense. Our human hearts weren’t meant to hold this much intensity at once. Our ancestors consumed in their ENTIRE lives the same amount of data we consume in 7 days. 

One way of looking at the globalization of our lives is an opportunity to practice bigger compassion. But for many of us that may require some support. And there is deep magic in asking for help. 

There is power in asking, “Hey Nature, how would like to use me?”

One way I do that is by connecting with my guides.

It is sometimes hard to cognize the entirety of “Nature” which is why humans give the unnamable names.  

I like to imagine that our guides (or angels, higher selves, ancestors, or any divine beings who wish to offer us guidance) hold so much wisdom, so many tools, so many modalities to help us — and all we have to do is ask for help.

What if our angels have their own lives as well — that they’ve got their angel drama and their angel crushes and their angel heartbreaks. 

So if we are bold enough to simply open our hearts, invoke them, ask for their help or tell them what we desire, then so many more resources become available to us. 

It’s so easy for guides to help us along our way. But we have to ask, because they cannot help us without our consent. Which is why I created this gift for you below. 

So next time you’re feeling like you would love to feel more confident, more supported. Or the next time your feel overwhelmed with pain — drop into the privacy of your own heart. Be brave enough to feel into what you would actually love.

Instead of worshiping your worries…

Instead of placing all your attention on asking, “Why is this happening to me?”…

What if instead, you were brave enough to feel into what you do want…

Then be humble enough to ask for help.

My number one recommendation for connecting to your higher self is with a 2x daily Ziva practice. This is built in time for you to de-excite your nervous system, get still, and listen to how Nature would like to use you.

But another way is through an exercise I am gifting you today.

This is a guided visualization called “Connecting to your Guides” and it’s one I’ve been recently using a lot myself.

It is wild how quickly the magic comes if we simply remember to ask. 

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