Is Joy the Key to Saving the World?

As a species, we’re facing some big problems. Climate change, systemic racism, our food that isn’t food anymore and the long term effects of a pandemic — there’s a lot that needs solving.

Thankfully, there are also a lot of people who are ready and willing to help.

We are so inspired when we see the people on the frontlines of these big movements who are bravely committing themselves to activism. Day in and day out, they are taking action to alleviate the suffering on planet Earth.

But when you really dedicate yourself to this work, there is an energetic toll. It takes extreme resilience and emotional fortitude to face the injustices of this planet head on while still maintaining your own internal bliss. Over time, it would be easy to succumb to stress and suffering.

As the problems of the world get bigger, we need more people who can step into the flames and handle the weight of activism. So how can you do that without drowning in stress and inadvertently adding more fuel to the fire? By cultivating joy.

When you are clear on the world you want to create and operating from a place of joy, you can show up and use your unique gifts to leave this beautiful planet even better on your way out. 

Our motto: Take action, tune into the frequency of joy.

In this video, Emily shares some thoughts on why having a joy practice is essential for this deep work of activism.

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