Emotional Clearing with Therapist Thomas Jones

When we all found ourselves in the middle of this global pandemic, we wanted to call on some of our favorite humans who could help us handle it all with elegance, even amidst so much uncertainty.

One of the first people who came to mind was Thomas Jones.

Thomas is a psychotherapist and the founder of the Paradox Process. He is also Emily’s personal therapist.

Emily has said that working with Thomas has been one of the most profound things that’s ever happened to her. He is a master at helping people take authorship of their lives by teaching you to not only feel your feelings, but use your experiences to catapult creation and change in your life.

He’s also gives people powerful tools to process their feelings in times of extreme emotional upheaval — something we could all benefit from right now. And boy did he deliver.

In the interview, Thomas walks Emily through a clearing exercise — a way to process your feelings and de-escalate their emotional charge.

Like meditation, this exercise is simple — but don’t confuse simplicity for weakness.

Like meditation, this exercise is simple — but don’t confuse simplicity for weakness.

In our experience, the most profound tools are the simplest.

He also gives us a 2 minute challenge that will change your day instantly. PLUS he shares the exercise he gave Emily and her husband which according to her is coming in reaaal handy during this quarantine. If you’re quarantined with a partner, you’ll want to stick around until the end!

The good news? We have an enormous amount of control over our internal experience. But first we have to become aware of it in order to change it.

Thomas also gave us all a reminder of why we’re all feeling so much fear right now in the first place: because we’re hardwired for self-preservation during extraordinary demand. So if you feel yourself being more negative or fearful than normal, that’s Nature doing its job to protect you.

To get a downloadable version of the clearing exercise that you can do on your own, click here.

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