Why I was sobbing on the floor crying this morning…

I just peeled myself off the floor where I was sobbing crying. I know that sounds dramatic, and it was, but these tears were big, gushing tears of gratitude.

I was on my yoga mat post-workout checking in on one of the Ziva groups and someone posted about how the changes in her life since starting this practice might not be perceived as dramatic, but that the sum total of the “little things” has created for her a “mosaic of magic.”

She shared how things that used to throw her into a “murderous rage,” now she just laughs at.

She shared how she is manifesting a household filled with love… and what that looks like: laughing in every room with her partner, everyone (including the dog) dancing in the kitchen for no reason.

Then my tears started bubbling up for two reasons:

  1. This is what my house looks and feels like now. After a long journey filled with tough lessons, my family has changed. I am two years out from a divorce and now have the world’s most audacious and amazing roommate (Mama Gena). She and I, along with my 4yo son, our amazing nanny, Bisa, and yes Mugsy (my dog) have spontaneous dance parties on the regular. Our house is filled with so much love and joy, it takes my breath away.
  2. The fact that reading stories like this and sharing these truly life-changing practices is my JOB is enough to make me cry tears of gratitude until the end of time.

What I love about this story is that this Ziva student is manifesting a “house full of love” and she is very specific about the snapshots from the future that she desires. So often I hear from people that they don’t know what they want to manifest. They feel unclear about what it is they really want. Have you ever felt like this? Unsure about how to manifest or what you really want?

I can relate. When I was on Broadway, I became world-class at making people want me. I knew how to move my body, use my voice and play a role in a way that made people want me or want to be me…. But I did not know what I wanted.

I see it in others, too. An impressive-level adaptation into what they think will make them attractive to others. But it is much more rare to see anyone, especially a woman, who is crystal clear on what she desires.

Our desires live in our root, at the base of the spine. And most of us are living our lives from the neck up. We have become detached from our bodies either due to trauma, pain, conditioning or simply living in a society that rewards hyper productivity and intellectualization.

I think it is high time for embodiment. It is time for us to reconnect with our hoohah. Yes, the very center of your creative and sexual energy that lives below your belly button and includes your anatomy and the energy around it.

When you ask your hoohah a question the answer is simple. Yes or No.

Over the last two years Nature has gifted me a makeshift Masters degree in sacred sexuality and embodiment practices. I have had the honor of learning from some of the world’s greatest facilitators. And while this selfishly has been amazing, I don’t think that this gift is just for me. It seems that Nature is asking me to do what I did for meditation (making it attractive and accessible to a mainstream audience), but now with even more powerful and even more taboo medicine.

To that end I have just returned from a two month (semi) sabbatical. Where I took time and space to birth brand new, much needed curriculum. A method to help us reconnect our heads, our heart and our hoohahs. And more excitingly, plug them all into source energy so we can build the level of charge in the body. That charge, that life force, is the exact thing that will help manifest our desires.

Now, I have been teaching manifesting for a long time, but this is new, this is different and it is extraordinarily exciting.

I have a hypothesis. If we can get a critical mass of the population holding a shared vision for the species while in ecstatic states of pleasure, we can change the plot line. We can actually alter the current projected timeline of human extinction to a future and planet we would be proud to hand our children.

And it may not require a revolt. A revolution, sure. But why not make it a revolution of pleasure? A revolution of planetary regeneration? A revolution where the world learns to spend as much time thinking about their dreams as they do their fears?

This is why I created Evidence of Magic, an intimate, 6 month mastermind where you will learn the most powerful manifesting tools I have ever discovered, get crystal clear on what your head, your heart and your hoohah actually want and clear any of the old blocks and conditioning keeping you from realizing your wildest dreams.

And ‘wildest dreams’ is not just a saying. Since I have been practicing the ingredients you will learn inside this mastermind, my life has done a 180. People are saying things like,

“There is a volcano of creativity coming out of you.”

“You seem like a totally different person now, more electric. Like you are driving a new machine of a body.”

“You are glowing. I can literally see your halo.”

“You have a new level of magnetism.”

“When you speak, your energy becomes crystalline.”

I have never gotten feedback like this before in my life.

Not to mention what is showing up in my life since I have been manifesting with these super charged practices. More time with my son, more abundance, a dream relationship, a dream team at Ziva, a gifted trip to India to have a 7-day audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, outrageously fun speaking gigs and all the tiny magic in between.

And now this is showing up with so much less effort or strain or muscling. I feel leaned back, more powerful and like I have much more of Nature’s support.

I want this for you. I want you plugged in to source, clear on your dreams and empowered to bring them into the world.

Applications are currently closed for Evidence of Magic, BUT you can join the waitlist here to be the first to know when we open the next cohort.


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