Healing with Black Pepper Tea

It's not actually magic, but it feels like magic!

I want to share a tip with you that has nothing to do with meditation, and everything to do with magic!

Well, it’s not actually magic, but it sure feels like it. I learned it from my Ayurvedic practitioner. What is Ayurveda? It balances your mind and body by using food, exercise and meditation as medicine.

I have been studying it for years and it has transformed my body and health. I’ve used it to keep my immune system strong. My Ayurvedic practices have taken my meditation to the next level.

So: a wonderful Ayurvedic trick for warmth and wellness is Black Pepper Tea.

Anytime it’s getting cold out or you’re starting to feel sick, make this tea. I know Black Pepper Tea sounds disgusting, but it’s actually not. It’s also super simple and you have the ingredients at home already.

Feeling a cold coming on? Enjoy a cup of this tea every few hours, add an extra meditation, and I’d be very surprised if you got a cold ever again!

Want to learn how to make my favorite healing home remedy?

Watch this video.

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