3 Sleep Hacks to Use Tonight

As we all know, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, life can get pretty tough on the other side. We all want to be there for our friends, our family, our colleagues, and perform at our very best. That becomes hard when you’re functioning under little rest.

Emily knows this firsthand. Before meditating, she struggled with insomnia, once going 18 months without a full night’s rest. Over the years, she’s tested tons of sleep hacks and done the research on what works and what doesn’t.

One thing she’s learned? To get a good night’s sleep, we actually need to start taking action during the day.

Here are a few practical tips to help you get that delicious restful sleep you’ve been craving.

Sleep Hack #1: Lavender oil on your feet

Specifically, the bottom of your feet. The soles of our feet have large pores so they’re an ideal place for essential oil absorption. Roll some high-quality lavender oil onto the bottom of your feet and give yourself a quick massage. Then, put on some cozy socks and crawl into bed.

Sleep Hack #2: Wash off the day with a magnesium bath

If you’re not a bath person, consider making an exception. Baths are beautiful for relaxing the body and preparing for rest. Plus, magnesium is a sleep aid so sprinkling some magnesium flakes will help you catch some zzz’s later on. This mineral actually helps calm down your nervous system and regulates the body’s stress-response system. Bath time may be your new favorite!

Sleep Hack # 3: No technology in the bedroom

From now on, consider your bedroom a sacred place. That means no devices allowed inside. Cell phones and laptops emit blue light which can affect our circadian rhythms by tricking the brain into thinking it’s daytime. Keep devices outside of the room to avoid temptation (and mindless scrolling). Let your bed be for sleep and sex only.

Bonus Hack: Our number one tip for better sleep is (you guessed it) meditation. To get to the source of your tossing and turning, you’ll need to work through the backlog of stress in your nervous system.

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