A Grounding Exercise for Fall

Grounding Exercise

Now that fall has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere, it’s a beautiful time to invite in some grounding practices. Taking a walk in nature, starting to add some warming soups to your dinner routine, doing a yin yoga class – these are all great ways to stay rooted.

But have you ever heard of autumn anxiety?

A lot of folks experience heightened anxiety as schedules ramp up and the days start getting shorter.

After 13 years of 2x a day practice in the 3Ms I (thankfully) rarely experience anxiety anymore.

However, if I find myself in a situation where conflict is brewing then everything in my body seems to get hijacked and I autopilot into the “flight” option of “fight or flight.”

Intellectually, I know this is not a good plan. Avoiding conflict is not an effective strategy. In fact, it usually makes things worse.

We cannot keep conflict out of life. We can, however, regulate our nervous system and how we respond to that conflict.

So when I need to put on my big girl pants and engage in a difficult conversation I use a relaxation booster. 

Who couldn’t use more relaxation and grounding right now?

In order to help mitigate anxiety and get you back into your body, I created a guided grounding ritual. This is perfect for anytime you feel anxiety creeping in or you can sense you’re on the verge of spinning out. It’s a quick and powerful way to connect with nature.

You can do this quick exercise on its own or in addition to your daily Ziva practice. I highly recommend you take a quick pause and watch it right now. The rest of your life will thank you. 

It’s time to come home to yourself.

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