Check Out Emily’s Skincare Routine for Glowy Skin!

Surprisingly, my number one trick for clear and beautiful skin isn’t sold in a fancy jar. It’s meditation.

Let’s talk about skin. You may be asking, “what does a meditation teacher have to say about skincare?” Turns out, quite a bit!

I’ve been experimenting with and curating my routine for years. So today, I want to share with you some favorite tools for creating elasticity and glow even in the smog-filled city of NYC.

Surprisingly, my number one trick for clear and beautiful skin isn’t sold in a fancy jar. It’s meditation.

When you’re stressed, acid seeps into your skin (so that you won’t taste very good if a tiger were to bite you). But unfortunately, that acid can prematurely age the body. By contrast, while meditating, your body releases dopamine and serotonin, which are alkaline in nature. This, plus a healthy diet can create something called ojas — which is basically nature’s beauty serum. Ojas helps increase elasticity and gives you that lit-from-within glow that can’t be replicated by all the aestheticians and skincare products in the land.

But, in addition to meditation, I’m quite passionate about the products I’ve chosen for my daily routine. 

I largely try to stick to Ayurvedic principles as much as possible. Ayurveda is the sister science of the type of meditation I teach at Ziva, and it literally translates to “knowledge of longevity.”

In Ayurveda, we are very thoughtful about what we put on our skin as we believe that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Because of this, organic and non-toxic products are a must. I also do my very best to buy cruelty-free and eco-friendly products.

In the video below, I go step-by-step, sharing my daily routine to keep that meditator glow long after I leave the chair. Some of my favorite products that I highlight are:

Plus, I discuss why your products don’t have to be pricey. You may even have some of these already stocked in your kitchen (hint: coconut oil is basically the superhero of skincare).

Watch my full skincare routine:

So there you have it! Now that you’ve peeked inside my bathroom cabinet, I would love to know what products you couldn’t live without. Head over to our Ziva Community Facebook Group to keep this discussion going and share what helps you get your glow on.



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