How Meditation Helped Me Through My Miscarriage

I think the fact that it's common could bring people a lot of comfort.

Stepping way outside my comfort zone to share a personal story in the hopes that it inspires healing and the release of any shame or embarrassment around what my friend and student Laura Benanti calls “The Voldemort of women’s health issues.”

Last year, before I got pregnant with my son, I had a miscarriage. I know that this topic brings up very strong feelings for many of us and I do not want to open old wounds for anyone but I want to share my story because there’s so much shame and secrecy around miscarriage, even though it’s a common (1 in 5) aspect of the fertility journey.

By sharing my story, I hope to encourage you to open up to your community for support if you are having challenges with something or moving through grief. Also please know, you are not alone.

My journey with miscarriage

If you have been through a miscarriage or any deep personal loss, and feel like you haven’t really taken the time and space to mourn or heal, I want to encourage you to do that. If you don’t yet have a meditation practice, it will be such a joy to share this one with you because in my experience it really increases fertility and it makes pregnancy so much easier.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my story. I hope this video inspires you to share your stories as well. Not because we want sympathy, not because we want to wallow in misery, but because pain is a part of life. It is the suffering that is optional. The more we talk about miscarriage, the more we normalize it, the more we can really support each other through this experience.

P.S. If I knew then how things would turn out, I would have been so much more patient with myself and accepting of nature’s timing. Spoiler alert: Everything is working out for our highest good, even if we don’t understand the timing just yet.

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