How Do I Talk About Ziva?

Ziva is a unique trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

Have you ever been at a party and the topic of meditation comes up? You’re like, “heck yeah, I meditate and love it!” and the other person asks, “what kind of meditation do you do?”

And you’re like… hmm, what kind of meditation do I do?

We know this can be confusing. The short, simple answer is, “I do Ziva Meditation.” After all, it’s the only technique that utilizes mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

For the longer answer, we created a video that will help you sail through your next cocktail party meditation interrogation so you can answer with the fancy Sanskrit words if people are extra curious in what’s going down when you get to the chair twice a day.

This video gives you some tools in your toolbox to explain what (hopefully!) has become an integral part of your daily life.

In it, Emily explains:

  • What types of people this technique is made for (hint: high performers)
  • What the origins of the meditation portion of Ziva are
  • How to talk about manifesting without getting super hippy dippy

Watch “How Do I Talk About Ziva?”

So, there you have it! With meditation all the rage these days, now you’ll feel more comfortable explaining what it is you’re doing twice a day (and why you look so dang radiant after).

Happy meditating!

P.S. If your friends and family are interested in learning more about Ziva, we have some hella exciting news! We made it really easy for them to take a peek inside our online course, zivaONLINE. Simply send them this link and they can try out the first 3 days of the course completely free! No sneaky subscriptions or credit card required. Once they get a taste of what you’re having, you may have a new meditation buddy!

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