What If I Don’t Know What to Manifest?

When you commit to all of your dreams, you commit to none of them.

Do you sometimes struggle with knowing what to manifest?

I get it. It is hard to acknowledge what we really want. It can be downright terrifying to take action.

Let me tell you a story I’ve never told before:

A few years ago, I sat down with my husband, Jason. He’s a brilliant strategist and I was finally ready to put his genius to work on how to bring Ziva far and wide so millions of people can benefit from these tools I believe in so deeply.

When we sat down, he asked me what I want for the company. Seems simple enough. “What would you love to happen now? How about in 5 years? 10 years?”

As I started thinking about this, I couldn’t stop crying. It was embarrassing (as no one really wants to cry in a work meeting). But when I looked at what was going on underneath the tears I realized that when I really commit to one dream, it forced me to mourn ALL my other dreams for the company.

But here’s the gig: When you commit to all of your dreams, you commit to none of them. (ooohh feel free to share that nugget!)

This exercise forced me to be brave enough to say no to the 100000000 potential ideas so I could start making progress on the big few. The ones that will have the biggest impact. It always comes back to how Nature can use you as a vessel to deliver your gifts to the world.

Ready for the super advanced ninja stuff? Once you take action, you have to surrender any expectation of when or how it shows up. Bummer for us control freaks right?

This is one of the secrets to manifesting — and I created this video to explore why we need to get clear on our dreams and then release our death grip on when and how they show up.

Watch What If I Don’t Know What To Manifest?

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