THIS Is The Most Important Thing We Teach

There’s one thing that we teach at Ziva that is more important than all the rest,

It underlies every other concept, technique and tool. It explains why we’re here and how we’re here on Planet Earth. Mastering this concept will fundamentally change the way you view the world (and your place in it).

Are you ready? Here it is:

There is only one thing and we are all it.

This concept from the Vedas (the ancient body of knowledge from where the meditation portion of the Ziva Technique is derived) is the key to understanding individuality vs. totality, right brain vs. left brain, critical mind vs. creative mind.

There’s only one thing and we’re all it.

And that one thing is… will be told to you in this video…

The concept is so transformative that it is the centerpiece of The Foundation Training module of Moving Into Mastery.

What is Moving Into Mastery? It is the most advanced offering Emily has created so far. Twelve years of studying the Vedas poured into one powerful digital curriculum.

This intricate Foundations module comes free when you sign up for Mastery. In it, you’ll learn why nothingness became somethingness and explore the ancient philosophies behind Ziva and how they can be implemented today.

We call this Foundation training but in reality it’s the most important. This is the knowledge that tills the soil so you can plant all the seeds of this potent knowledge.

Pretty soon, we’re opening enrollment for the 2022 class of Moving into Mastery. You can learn more and join the waitlist below.

Why join the waitlist? Well, you’ll have early access to save your spot early (we can only accept a certain amount of students into the 2022 class), and there maaaaay just be some gifts that go along with being on the VIP list.

Graduates of zivaONLINE can enroll in Moving into Mastery and start exploring the knowledge that changed our lives in too many ways to count.

If you haven’t yet taken zivaONLINE, you have plenty of time to enroll and move through the core before we start accepting students into the next class of Mastery.

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