What ARE the Vedas?

By now you’ve likely heard Emily talk about the Vedas.

When she began studying them, she was still performing on Broadway and she would spend hundreds of hours (and many resources) diving deeper into these universal truths that ultimately shaped who she is and how she interacts with the world.

They are why she became a meditation teacher. They are why she started Ziva. They are the foundation of everything we teach.

But what are the Vedas? Where do they come from? Are they books? Are they religious?

This is a question we get asked a lot. You can learn the answers by watching this video:

Our love for this knowledge is what inspired us to ultimately create our most advanced course, Moving into Mastery. It was made for people who want to explore these ancient philosophies so no decision feels too big, no problem unsolvable.

“At first was neither being nor non-being
There was not air nor yet sky beyond.
What was its wrapping? Where? In whose protection?
Was Water there, unfathomable and deep?”

Rig Veda 10.129.1

Let us be clear, while this knowledge is ancient, it’s also timeless. And we’d argue that it’s more important now than ever.

As the world moves faster and faster and our technology continues to become more advanced, it is imperative that we have these core philosophies to ground us into what we truly believe.

It is necessary that you have a decision-making matrix for you to approach every area of your life so you can decide if something is in integrity with what YOU believe to be true.

If this all sounds intriguing, you’re in luck. In a few weeks, we’re opening enrollment for Moving into Mastery. You can learn more about the program here.

We only offer this once a year, so take a peek now so you’re ready to go once enrollment opens.

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