So You Downloaded a Meditation App, Now What?

We, especially in the west, tend to not value what we don't pay for.

So, you downloaded a meditation app. Now what?

I’m sure that when you downloaded this app you had the intention to meditate, but since then it has done nothing but sit there on your home screen, right? It takes up space & battery life and maybe even gives you a pang of guilt each time you notice it.

Here’s the thing with meditation apps; if you’re interested in doing guided visualizations or if you really want to focus on mindfulness, which is what most of the apps are offering, then that is a great way to do that.

But the really tricky thing is that a lot of them are free, and we, especially in the West, tend to not value what we don’t pay for. So even if mindfulness is what you’re after then it’s not doing you any good if you never actually meditate. No wonder you’re not opening the app, you didn’t invest in it! Let’s hear Emily’s thoughts on how to get out of this cycle and into a real meditation practice..

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