The Secret to Becoming a Powerful Manifestor

Recently my friends have been asking me, “What is going ON, Emily?”

What they are referring to is the speed in which I am magnetizing my dreams.

The gap between my desires and those same desires coming into the manifest is getting shorter and shorter and shorter.

And it’s true… my manifesting practice has been on fire.

I’m determined to make the same true for you.

As you may be reading in my emails, I have a host of new tools to bring your wildest dreams into your current reality.

But here’s the capital T truth. Manifesting alone is not enough.

There’s a reason why manifesting is the 3rd M of the Ziva Technique. Because when you’re manifesting without a meditation practice, what you could accidentally be doing is cultivating more and more of your fears, stress and worry.

So in order to hear how Nature wants to use you and manifest the life of your dreams, you’ll first need to eradicate stress and anxiety in your nervous system.

I made a video all about this. Watch it below.

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