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Do you get nervous before a big presentation or speaking event? If so, I have something that can help.

Let me start with a story.

Way back when I was a little baby meditation teacher, I was invited to speak at Google.

I thought it would only be 15 people in a conference room… and I was thrilled.

Then I found out it was going to be 150 people in the room, AND streamed to all the Google employees AND broadcasted on their Youtube page to hundreds of thousands of people.

Cue the panic.

The other people who were presenting were people like Arianna Huffington and other fancy — people with books and prolific speaking careers.

It kicked off full blown imposter syndrome. All the speculation started flooding in about my worthiness. What if I fall flat on my face? What if I ruin my career? What if everyone sees and it’s a public failure?

We’re all familiar with this feeling, right? The feeling that you’re in a room you don’t belong in and everyone else will find out you’re a big ol’ fraud.

Well spoiler alert: my talk went great and since then I’ve had many more talks like this. What we all have in common is everyone gets imposter syndrome sometimes.

I made a video that you have to watch, especially before a big presentation or opportunity. In it, I share some advice on how to show up as the fiercest, most present version of you whenever it’s go time.

You deserve to show up as the brightest, most confident version of you.

One way to do that? Try Ziva Performance, a guided audio for anytime you want to perform at the top of your game. Get it now by clicking here!

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