Why this is the most potent medicine we have for healing

Your body is an extraordinary complete system, and when you fuel it properly it has the power to do unbelievable things.

And yet, most of us are not using the most powerful, most potent medicine we have to heal our bodies — the food at the end of our forks.

We wanted to share this clip with you about the power of food and at 02:30, Emily shares the key difference between how the East and the West view healthcare (hint: they’re both important!).

This is a clip from Mastering Your Body, a module inside Moving Into Mastery where Emily teaches you how to use food as the powerful medicine it is to strengthen and purify your body.

This clip is a drop of water in the ocean of tools and techniques inside Mastering Your Body — including tangible tips from our guest expert, Max Lugavere. He shares Genius Foods you can eat for a healthy brain, weight loss, balancing your hormones, reversing your biological age and minimizing your risk for disease.

Enrollment for Moving into Mastery opens once a year in the summer. To be the first to know and join the 2024 class, click here to join the waitlist.

P.S. If you need a reminder of just how beautiful your body is, we made a powerful free audio for you. It’s called the Body Love audio and you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. If you haven’t gotten it yet, grab it here.

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