5 Micro Habits That Make Big Changes

How are you honoring your body? There are so many things you can do big and small to offer reverence to your physical body.

After all, your body is more than a meat suit you walk around it. It is a sacred temple — a vessel to usher you into higher states of consciousness.

It’s no surprise that a daily Ziva practice is step 1 to honoring your body. But there are other easy ways to start this journey.

So today we are giving you 5 micro habits that you can start implementing into your day to help you find more love and gratitude for your body, all while feeling a whole lot better.

Let’s begin!

Drink hot water every morning
So simple, so easy. Drinking hot water in the morning ignites your agni, or digestive fire. It also purifies your digestive tract. You know how you wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water? Same goes here.

Eat your biggest meal when the sun is highest in the sky
According to Ayurveda, digestion is easiest when the sun is directly overhead. Consider eating your biggest meal around lunch time.

Squat, don’t sit
Have you heard of the squatty potty? It’s unnatural for humans to sit while eliminating waste as our intestines function best when our knees are above our hips. When nature calls, Place your feet on a stool to mimic squatting.

Bless your food
In Ayurveda, the state of consciousness we’re in while preparing and eating our food is important for digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. Every meal, give a quick moment of gratitude for the food you are about to eat, thanking Nature for all she provides.

Give yourself Body Love!
Your body hears everything you say — are you being kind to it? Practicing enthusiastic gratitude and love for your body will transform your relationship with it. But because this can be easier said than done, we’ve got you.

Emily made a powerful free audio for you to use anytime you forget how freaking amazing you are. You can listen to it anytime, anywhere — while you’re brushing your teeth, walking to work, or if you just need a boost of body loving. Get it here!

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