Our New Mastermind Container: Evidence of Magic

I recently shared a tiny window into the profound healing that happened on our first Emotional Alchemy retreat (you can read it here), and so many people wrote back asking, “when is the next one?”

The launch of a new Ziva offering will include the opportunity to join me for the next retreat. And get ready, because this is the thing I am most excited about in my career.

Here is why… This is a letter from someone sharing what happened to them since the retreat ended.

“My dream for the planet is for people to be more resilient and able to act from love by regulating their fear-based responses. Why? The world would have less pain, destruction and conflict if people could connect to their body and nervous system with compassion and cultivate a feeling of safety and possibility. My role to play is teaching people to do this! And yes, this feels more possible than ever since the retreat.

The other day, I asked my hoohah what she would like $ wise, and I literally wrote down the number that came up on a proposal. The next day I got the biggest client contract of my life!

I also have had serendipitous invitations and will be meeting about 20 women movers and shakers over the next 48 hours at house parties. And… an A-list Hollywood actress just bought the house through the woods on top of our little mountain so let’s hold space for me to meet my new neighbor soon and invite her to this world changing work.”

Someone else from the retreat shared that two items from her vision board came true today! Another amazing human wrote, “The experience left me changed. I have tasted my magic and now with my deepest soul’s longing, I know I must continue to uncover my truth and discover more knowing.”

You know that you are here for greatness. You did not incarnate just to pay bills, pay taxes, run errands, feel guilty about not working out and feel guilty about not meditating enough.

You know that you are in this body at this moment in history for a reason.

And the stakes are getting higher. If we follow the data on climate change, population growth, and corporate control of governments, then humans are very likely going to run this bus right off the cliff. Not to mention that this misogynistic, patriarchal, repressed, stressed world is so far away from the actual wonderland that is available to us if we can be brave enough to believe what is possible. If we can remember to “place the order.”

We aren’t going to create a new Earth by playing the linear game. And the current prognosis does not have to be a death sentence. It can be a wake up call.

But then we will have to wake up. Wake up to our divine, creative potential, be brave enough to hold a vision for the species. Find people who are willing to come together, to collaborate, to feel amazing and to play a very big game.

To that end, I am creating something very special. Something that has never happened before. It is called Evidence of Magic.

This will be a very intimate container of ~24 people who are ready to play full out. Who are curious about how much more impact they can make in the world, all while having a great time. Evidence of Magic is a six month mastermind that will start with a retreat very much like the one I shared about here.

This is where we will meet, inevitably fall in love with each other, create group coherence and learn the embodied manifesting tools we will practice over our six months together. Get ready for four days of profound transformation, trauma integration, enhanced pleasure and clarity on your big dream for the species.

Then instead of saying goodbye, the retreat will just be the beginning!

Each month, we will play a new manifesting game using powerful embodiment tools like breathwork, pleasure prayer and “daydreaming”. Each month you get a bad ass buddy to play your game with. Most magic wins.

We will start by helping you clarify your “magic wand wish” for yourself, for the planet and for the species. Then more importantly, help you become the person needed to make your magic wand dream a reality.

Think about your eulogy. What will people share about your impact? About what a difference you made? Of how much better this planet is because you were on it?

Once you get clear on your dream it is going to shape you.

In order for you to be the person capable of birthing your big dream… your relationships are going to need to be awesome, your business is going to need to be thriving, your body is going to need to be stronger than it’s ever been, your trauma is going to have to be integrated and you are going to need resources and abundance to lubricate your mission.

So each month’s game will focus on a different core area of life. And the magic will compound.

By the end, you will understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that the better you feel, the more powerful a magnet you are for your dreams. This mastermind is going to help you create evidence of that in yourself, you are going to strengthen that POV by seeing it happen in others. Then, we are going to shine that out into the world.

Ahhhh. I am outrageously excited already for how this mastermind is going to enrich every participant! There is so much more to share about this — how it will work, what tools in my toolkit I’ll share, what experts will join us and the deep healing benefits you can expect.

As applications are currently closed, you can join the waitlist here to be the first to know when we open the next cohort.


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