Don’t Confuse the Channel For the Source

Detachment is sexy. Neediness is not.

Ever felt stuck in a job because you secretly believe if you quit you won’t make money ever again? 
Ever stayed in a relationship because you were afraid that if you leave this person you won’t feel love again? 

Here’s the news friends…

Jobs are not the source of money, they are the channel that delivers it.  
Relationships are not the source of love, they are an outlet for your fulfillment. 

If you go through life thinking that one particular job or person is the source of your abundance or happiness, it is easy to get needy.

Detachment is sexy. Neediness is not.

So how do we cultivate a healthy level of detachment? 
How do we remind ourselves that these things we care so much about are not the source of our fulfillment?

By finding a way to access the actual source.  

It will surprise approximately no one that my favorite way to access “source” is through meditation.  When we de-excite the nervous system with mantra-based Meditation we move beyond the neediness, we move beyond the attachment, and we access the unbounded source of pure consciousness.  We access the only place that fulfillment resides: inside. (the brain also floods with dopamine and serotonin, which helps) 

Once we have a means by which to access that source energy through meditation, it becomes much easier to let go of the illusion that one job can make you or break you or that one person can make you or break you.

So stop confusing the channel with the source, and realize that your potential for money, for love, and for happiness is truly limitless, because the source will never run dry.

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