Why We Need to Stop the Glorification of Busy

Life is way more fun when you have more space and time. It’s there where the magic begins to show up.

When someone asks, “How are you?” how many times have you answered with some version of “I’m SO busy?”

My guess is more than none. 

Guess what, y’all — we’re ALL busy. We all have deadlines and relationships and commitments that take up time. But when you say “I’m so busy,” what you’re really saying is, “I don’t know how to effectively prioritize my demands and my time.”

We’re on a mission to change this conversation and stop the glorification of busy. Because in reality, we do have time. In fact, if you are committing to your twice a day meditation practice you are turning yourself into a time billionaire — because you are moving beyond the realm of thinking and, therefore, beyond the realm of time every day, twice a day. 

We simply need to stop pretending like we will find happiness at the end of our to-do list and letting stress and anxiety waste so much of our our time and energy.

So how do you stop feeling so busy?

In this video, Emily shares a really helpful trick for how to prioritize your top 3 goals and ensure you are on track to achieving your desires. It involves a post-it note and some planning to unpack whether your daily tasks are actually helping you accomplish your dreams.

Plus, she explain how meditation gets you out of the habit of saying “I’m so busy” all the time by giving you more time back in your day and get out of “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome.

Watch “Stop the Glorification of Busy”:

When you start prioritizing your time effectively, everything else gets so much easier. Life is way more fun when you have more space and time, because it’s there where the magic begins to show up.

Here’s to being time billionaires.

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