How to Cultivate a Life You Love

Who would you love to be?

We’re going to ask you again. Let the question settle deeper inside you.

Who would you love to be in this world that is changing faster than we’ve seen in our lifetimes?

Would you love to be happy? Fulfilled? Well compensated? Dedicated to a cause you feel passionately about? In a loving and exciting relationship? Someone who has purpose on this planet?

We hope so. You deserve this. All of this. And Nature wants this for you.

Now get honest — are your thoughts ushering these dreams into your reality? How about your words? Do they sound more like this:

What if he leaves? What if I lose my job? You’re ugly. You’re aging so quickly. You’re not smart enough for that job. You’ll never make that amount of money. You don’t deserve love. Who are you to be happy when there is so much suffering?

Here’s the truth. Your cells are listening. And they believe you.

Your body hears everything you say. And your state of consciousness is informing every decision you make, every person you date and every work meeting you sit in.

You’re manifesting already whether you realize it or not.

It’s time to start being intentional about the messages you are sending to yourself AND to Nature. Because if you don’t think you’re worth your dreams, the world won’t either.

Emily made you a video about this which you can watch here. At 01:40, she shares something personal that happened in her life that reminded her of the importance of cultivating presence and joy every day.

Cultivating a life you love is easier when you have a daily Ziva practice. Want to learn how to start? Sign up for our free masterclass on how you can reduce stress, overcome anxiety and improve sleep in 15 Days (or Less).

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