Why You Need A Joy Practice

Do you ever get sucked into stress traps?

If you’re a human on planet Earth, the answer is probably yes. In this month’s Global Meditation that we held for folks in The Membership, we explored this month’s theme of cultivating joy and how your joy practice can actually be a radical act of activism.

As you’ve experienced, it is EASY to get sucked into fear, and stress, and overwhelm, and blame, and worry. There is an abundance to tap into.

But the good news is, there’s also endless joy that we can experience every single day… and this joy can fuel you to take on your big dreams.

Because when you are operating from a place of joy, you are more tapped into your own fortitude and dharma (or purpose), meaning you can show up and use your unique gifts to solve the many problems of the planet.

Emily made you a video about this, and in it she shares the two biggest keys to joy that she’s found which have quite literally changed her reality every single day. You can watch it below.

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