How To Lean into Effortlessness and Flow

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you can’t get ahead? 

What if there’s an alternative? What if instead of the tired hustle and grind which eventually leads to burnout, we experiment with the art of least effort? 

Most people are operating from their prefontral cortex which means that instead of flowing with Nature, they’re thinking their way through life.

It’s like using a really great laptop but not connecting to wifi.

When you start using both hemispheres of your brain (left being the computer, right being your connection to the wifi network that is creative intelligence itself) life gets so much easier. 

So let’s stop hustling and start aligning with Nature’s intentions for us.

Here’s a video that clarifies this concept. Share it with someone who could use some ease and flow right now. 

Will you allow yourself to receive instead of leaning into the masculine paradigm of more, more, more? This will give you access to a new kind of power. 

If you’re vibing with this lesson, stay tuned for some exciting news and an event all about how to cultivate effortless magic coming soon. 

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