How to Throw a Meditation Party (In Your Mind)

Let’s talk about how to throw a meditation party. But it’s not the kind of party you might be thinking of.

Did you know in a former life I used to be an acting teacher?! My students used to come to me with one of the following statements:

“Ooof Emily, New York is so hard. There isn’t enough work, I never get any opportunities and things are so expensive — I’m moving to LA.” To which I would say… good luck.

Then another student would come to me and say:

“Emily! I had a crazy dream that I was living in the Hollywood Hills and got a job in this movie and… I’m moving to LA!” To which I would say “How can I help?”

Same plane ticket, very different journey.

What’s the difference? One person is moving toward the positive and the other is moving away from the negative.

It is best to move toward the things we want in life, not away from the ones we don’t. What we put our attention on grows.

This is a profoundly useful tip for life but also for your meditation practice. In meditation, there is no need to move away from your thoughts. Instead you move toward the tool or technique you are using.

My favorite analogy for this? A party. A very chill meditation party.

Now in this party, you won’t need to pull out the good wine glasses or your trusty box of Twister.

All you need is a chair and the ability to think a thought. So if you want to learn how to throw a meditation party in your mind, the video below covers:

  • Why thoughts aren’t the enemy of meditation
  • How to categorize your thoughts as invited or uninvited guests at your meditation party
  • How to re-frame your internal dialogue so you can invite more serendipity and synchronicity into your life and less negativity.

Watch: How to Throw a Meditation Party (In Your Mind):

I hope this is a helpful tip both for your meditation and for life.

Perhaps we can all keep this in mind during this election cycle too? Let’s collectively move toward the positive, not away from the negative.

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