Try This Life-Changing Pre-Interview Trick!

Speculation leads always and only to suffering.

When I was working on Broadway, I used to audition for shows several times a week. Wanna hear a secret? I was terrified before every single one.

Things like interviews and auditions can be super frightening. Some people call this “stressful.” But I would argue that these situations aren’t inherently stressful, they are what we call “high demand.”

You see, stress isn’t an interview, a first date or a deadline. Stress isn’t what happens to you. Stress is your response to what happens to you.

That “stressful” feeling comes from the flood of stress chemicals that get released in the body when the brain so expertly launches into speculation. And one of my favorite quotes is:

“Speculation leads always and only to suffering.”

In this video, I share my favorite interview trick that I use before any high demand situation like television appearances and podcast interviews.

I call it the Superpower Pose, and it may make you feel like a ding-dong at first. But as you get the hang of it, it can change the chemistry in your brain to make you feel more confident, more at ease, and ready to take on whatever high demand challenge is coming your way.

Watch below and get ready to sail through that interview or first date.

After all that work you put into perfecting your resume and picking out the perfect outfit, don’t let stress keep you from landing your dream job. You deserve to show up to that interview as the sparkliest version of you.

You got this,


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