Life Before + After Ziva Meditation

We asked some of our incredible zivaGRADS to share how their lives have changed since learning meditation at Ziva. Here’s what they had to say:

Check out some of our favorite moments below.

“Life before meditation was frantic, hectic, and I was completely stressed out. I couldn’t even sleep.  Now that I meditate there is a sense of peace in my life that I never had before which has created a huge shift in my life.” 

“Before I began meditating I was extremely anxious and constantly on edge in a very tense way. From the first time I meditated I felt grounded. I finally felt my feet on the ground, and like I was poised and ready to handle whatever was coming at me.” 

“I lost weight, and kept it off. I became an exerciser, which I never really was before. My attitude has also shifted. I used to think there were a lot of things I couldn’t do and now I’m just curious- I think I wonder if I can do that, I’ll go find out!” 

Rock on, Ziva meditators!

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