What is Manifesting?

Start placing your order with the cosmic waitress so that she can actually give you what you want.

You likely know by now that The Ziva Technique is made up of 3 M’s: mindfulness, meditation and manifesting. Mindfulness and meditation are in the news all the time. But you may have some questions about manifesting.

When people hear the word “manifesting,” they assume that it’s hippy dippy, woo woo and a bit too esoteric for a pragmatist. But don’t fret. We’re not suggesting you sit around, get high and watch The Secret on repeat. However, we are suggesting that you start asking better questions about what you want in life.

When you start to really think about what you want out of life, it’s becomes easier to take inspired action. We’re constantly amazed by how often people don’t take the time to ask themselves what their dream life looks like. So instead of complaining and wondering why you’re not making more money and having more sex, start getting creative and manifesting what you truly want.  What does your dream job look like? Your dream relationship? Your dream vacation? 

What is Manifesting?

In this video, Emily explains manifesting and why it’s an essential part of the Ziva Technique. Plus, she covers why it doesn’t work if you don’t have a meditation practice.

So there you have it! Manifesting isn’t about sitting back and waiting for your dreams to arrive. It’s about getting clear on what you desire so you can start taking action to achieve those things. Not so scary anymore, is it?

It’s time to place the order with the cosmic waitress.

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