Meditation Makes You MORE Sensitive: That’s Good

Think of this sensitivity as a superpower.

Something I’ve noticed as a meditation teacher is that many students begin meditating with the notion that once they adopt the practice, they will not feel emotions so deeply. They imagine that by meditating twice a day, they will have only positive emotions or transform into a less sensitive person. But meditation and sensitivity are not mutually exclusive.

I don’t want to scare you, but here’s the truth. By becoming an active meditator you will actually become more sensitive to your emotions. That’s right: meditation makes you more sensitive– but this is actually more efficient. Think of this sensitivity as a superpower.

Meditation actually quickens your response to intense feelings. This way, you can absorb, address, and move on faster than you did before you began a daily practice. No more harboring negative feelings for days or months (or years!). The more quickly you process the fullness of your emotions, the more quickly you can move through to the new now.

Pain is part of the human experience. But suffering is optional.

In this video, I use the analogy of slate, sand, and water.  These elements reference your nervous system and a crowbar is used to depict your emotions. By meditating, you are training yourself to feel your sensitivity on a deeper level. This will help you release the stress of those feelings more quickly — almost like it never even happened. You’re more sensitive, but also far more equipped to deal with that sensitivity.

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