How to Curate and Cultivate Luck in Your Life

How lucky are you? What if how lucky you are is directly related to how brave you are?

The braver we are, the luckier we become. Bravery can be a forcing function of luck. By leaning into the unknown we allow space for a better outcome than was expected if we played it “safe.”

It takes bravery to lead with creation, to bring something into the manifest. But each time we do it we get more and more of Nature’s support… aka luck.

As you commit to a daily 2x a day practice you will find that it becomes easier and easier to choose the brave thing.

And after committing to meditation these cues from Nature get clearer and help you to do the scary thing — whatever that looks like for you — which leads to getting more than you expected.

It’s high time we listen to our cues from Nature and make ourselves bold enough to take action.

Emily made a video all about this correlation between luck and bravery. There’s a pretty powerful analogy at minute 03:40 that might get you to think about skydiving in a whole new way..

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