Which beast are you feeding?

Everything wants to grow, even stress.

When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I left my job touring with the Broadway production of The Producers to help take care of him.

What I realized pretty quickly as I researched how to nourish him and his body is that the cancer was trying to grow, too. It wanted to live. So I had to learn what foods would feed my father and learn to avoid the foods that would feed the cancer.

I noticed that my Dad who never had much of a sweet tooth was suddenly craving grape popsicles and lollipops. Eating sugar is like pouring gasoline on the fire that is cancer, so I realized the cancer was actually finding a way to grow.

The same is true of your stress and your dreams. Your dreams want to grow but they can’t if you don’t feed them. Your stress is trying to grow and it has AMPLE fertilizer all around.

Traffic, social media, the news, climate change, a petroleum-funded political circus, family, sickness, war. There are no shortages of things to put your attention on that will give you that oh-so-familiar hit of adrenaline that many of us have become so addicted to.

The thing is, like any drug we need more and more of it to feel the rush. So the news cycles get faster, the stories more tragic.

So what are we going to do about it? What can we put our attention on instead? Which proverbial wolf do we want to feed?

May I offer you your dreams?

Seriously. I know the word dream sounds a bit juvenile, but seriously. What if you put even 1/4 the amount of time, energy and speculation you put on your fears and transfer that onto your vision? Even better if that vision is not just yours, but one for the collective.

The thing is…. that is MUCH easier said than done. It can be very challenging to believe your dreams are possible or that you deserve them if your body and mind are stuck in fight or flight. After all, who has time to think about a potential utopia if you are busy worrying about and preparing for dystopia?

The thing is…

I will say that again, louder for the folks in the back… WHAT WE PUT OUR ATTENTION ON GROWS.

Woah. I don’t think I have ever written a whole sentence in all caps, but this one warrants it.

If you are spending your days worshiping your worries, I promise they will grow. However, if you find a way to get your body and brain out of fight or flight and into a safe, creative, receptive state of consciousness, then your mind almost can’t help but start to think about what magic is possible.

The more joy, presence, softness and creativity you start to create in your body, the more your dreams start to feel magnetized to you.

It isn’t magic, but it can sure feel like it.

After teaching this stuff for the past 15 years to over 50,000 people and refining these meditation and manifesting tools, I can say this one thing for sure:

The combination of meditation and manifesting is infinitely more powerful than either one alone.

So, I invite you to enroll in my brand new manifesting course called Dream Magnet. You can register here.

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Your dreams are waiting,


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