Is THIS the Secret Key to Abundance?

Let’s talk about abundance. Regardless of how many 0’s you have in your bank account, most people’s relationship with money is complicated.

So many of our stories around money are inherited from parents or even grandparents which can affect how much you believe you deserve.

And in times of uncertainty (or inflation), basic survival instincts kick in and can lead to feelings of scarcity.

There’s a surprising benefit to meditation that we don’t talk about nearly enough… many students become far more financially stable after applying the principles they learn at Ziva.

So how could sitting quietly in a chair possibly make you more abundant?

When we live in stress, we’re operating out of fear. We hold our money with clenched fists out of fear we may not have enough later. We don’t invest. We hoard. But money is energy, and it wants to flow. When you create a healthy outflow, you make space for more inflow.

We’re not suggesting you go out and mindlessly spend all your money any more than we are suggesting you should save every penny and live in lack. What we are suggesting is that you get clear on your dreams and see money as the fuel that can help you get there. Money = dream fuel.

How much abundance do you believe you deserve?

We made a video that shares the secret key to living in more abundance. And at the 02:35 minute mark, Emily re-defines entitlement in a way that could change your view on your deserving power forever.

This video is actually a clip from Mastering Your Money, one of the modules inside our most advanced course, Moving into Mastery.

In the module, you’ll shift from lack to abundance, increase your deserving power, stop worshiping your non-possessions and get practical tools to celebrate what you have. We also do a tithing challenge that has the opposite effect of what you would think.

If you’re not already on the waitlist for Moving into Mastery, enrollment is opening this summer. Learn more and get on the waitlist here.

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