Guided Visualization for Pain

By Emily Fletcher

I have been studying the effects of meditation on the brain for over a decade. I knew it was extremely powerful, but recently I got invited to a neuroscience conference and I was able to see on a physical level so much of what I have been studying for so long.

One scientific study that was presented had findings that suggest meditation is actually more effective in managing pain than morphine. As you may know we have an opiate addiction in our country. So, if you’re dealing with pain, or if someone you know is dealing with pain, I highly encourage them to develop a meditation practice, specifically mindfulness.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through a quick guided visualization to help you dip your toes into this powerful, healing pool.

I really believe that every sensation in the body is trying to communicate something, and when we listen, we afford it the opportunity to speak more softly. But if we try to dampen it or mask it, then it will start yelling. And if we still don’t listen, then it will start wrecking the house. Our job is to listen, because when we do, we can more easily intuit how the body wants to be helped.

I invite you to play with this on your own. See what you hear when you really get quiet and ask your body what it’s trying to say. This practice is certainly not here to replace medical advice, but it is something that you can do on your own and something you can do to take charge of your own health and your own pain management.

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