Your Ultimate Guide to a Mindful Thanksgiving

With the holidays practically here, we all hope to have a mindful Thanksgiving. Are you excited for a few days off and some quality time with friends and family? I am. But the holidays can also bring more than apple cobblers and warm fuzzies with your family… I’m talking about everyone’s least favorite holiday tradition… stress.

Uncle Jim is drinking too much, Aunt Marge keeps pressuring you to take more turkey and for even the most enlightened among us, Thanksgiving can be a bit challenging. That’s why I’m sharing some of my best tips for getting grounded, eating mindfully and creating presence so you can wake up the next day feeling proud.

Accept the truth without trying to change it

As a recovering control freak, I know it can be hard to want to control your family and their quirks. But all this does is make it harder to enjoy the day. In order to have a mindful Thanksgiving, accept what is and allow the day to unfold as it’s supposed to. Choose to put your energy on the positive, seeking out your aunt who you haven’t spoken to in a while or touching base with your favorite cousin. Instead of trying to change the upsetting parts, let yourself really soak in the good stuff.

Indulge mindfully

If you’re not used to indulging in heavy foods and cocktails, Thanksgiving can create some digestive distress after one too many spiked ciders and a boatload of stuffing. However, it’s also a wonderful time to treat yourself. In order to feel great and not end up in the fetal position on the living room couch, so here are some of my best tips for mindful eating:

  • Start the day with some hot water and lemon to get your digestive system ready and working. Mix in some Apple Cider Vinegar to really kick it up a notch (a Tbsp or two is perfect!).
  • Try not to arrive to the table ravenous. Eat a bit throughout the day so when dinnertime comes, you’re able to decide what actually feels charming to eat, instead of deciding from a place of overwhelming hunger.
  • Eat slowly. Even with all the chaos, chew your food and savor the flavors. Not only will this help with digestion later, but it’s also way more enjoyable. Plus it gives you the space to make thoughtful decisions on how much you want to indulge — with no guilt!
  • If you overdo it and aren’t feeling too hot the next day (nausea, indigestion), enjoy some raw fats. Raw coconut oil, avocados, and even some raw cheese on top of your eggs if you can get your hands on it. It will line your stomach and help with discomfort.

Practice gratitude!

If you’re committing to 2x daily Ziva, you have a daily gratitude practice, but take it outside of your sitting and really ruminate on all the things you have to be grateful for. A place to sleep, a loving family, your favorite bath towels. It’s all worth acknowledging, especially on a day where we are meant to give thanks for what we have. Plus, when you practice gratitude, you’re training your brain to look at all the good instead of the bad. Remembering these things makes it easier to keep your cool when tensions start rising.

Commit to your practice

If you have a daily meditation practice, don’t skimp on your afternoon practice just because there’s a lot going on. Carve out the time (before the cocktails!) to tap into your inner bliss and fulfillment. It will help you get centered and less likely to lose your cool if any proverbial “stuff” hits the fan.

Take a deep breath

Anytime you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a deep breath and do a quick body scan. Feel your feet on the ground, allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears, get grounded in your body. If you need something to help, download our stress less guided meditation (perfect for if you need to steal away for a hot sec to hide in the bathroom).

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