This Powerful Affirmation Will Help You Reframe Stress

You know that split second moment when you reach your breaking point? Sometimes it hits us when we’re not expecting it. Like when you get unexpected news on an already challenging day. Or when you get home hungry and tired and accidentally knock over a glass that shatters on the floor.

Suddenly there are tears, rage, maybe some colorful language.

At that moment, it doesn’t matter that you read Ekhart Tolle or burn incense or wear mala beads. What matters is you’re being launched into a fight or flight stress reaction. The good news? It’s not your fault.

Your body is trying to protect you. But protect you from what?

Our demands are no longer tigers, so we would be wise to adapt our stress reactions. With tensions higher than ever, and crisis fatigue setting in it’s time for us all to redefine what stress means to us AND learn what it’s doing to our bodies. But first we have to get clear on what stress is and what stress isn’t.

Emily dives deeper into this, and gives you a powerful affirmation to reframe your stress in a new video.

If you have anyone in your life who could benefit from less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, send them here so they can get some powerful tips to reduce their stress and start performing and feeling better right now.

We’re going to make one of the biggest announcements in Ziva history soon and you’ll both want to know about it.

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